Everything started with a small black dwarf poodle Bradamante.
She was a true poodle: beautiful, wise, full of temperament and herself.
She was the love of my life and the beginning of a story called Miniwin's.

The first black litter was born year 1983 and one year later a white one.
There has been totally 27 litters in the past 31 years.
They have been bred in warmth of home with great deal of love and care.

So far there are 23 Miniwin's champions and 8 of them are international champions. Thanks to the owners, we have been able to enjoy the dog shows and the great hobby, with poodles and poodle lovers.

December 2005 I was awarded by Vuolasvirta-prize from Finnish Kennell-Club.

Nina Björnström-Lehtonen
Peiponkalliontie 24
06450 Porvoo