Mäntsälä 19-20.07.2014

What a great weekend in Mäntsälä Nat.Show! 
Mother 'Liana' with her daughter 'Lola' and son 'Luca', all did so well.

MINIWIN'S LIBBY LU, junior bitch, was BOB with Cc and GROUP-1.
MINIWIN'S LOUIS VUITTON , junior male, was BOS with Cc.
C.I.B & FI & S & EE CH, W-12, TlnW-12 CASPIAN LINE'S DALIANA was BB-3, BOB Veteran and BIS-3 Veteran.

BREED was Judged by Henrik H Hannelius
GROUP was judged by Miroslaw Redlicki, PL.
BIS Veteran Judge was Lyudmila Tchistiakova, RU.

Thank You so much!